Defeating Coordinated Inauthentic Behavior at Scale

It’s highly recommended that you watch this video before continuing to read this article.
  1. The problem faced by media platforms
    a. The public countermeasures discussed, and how attackers are bypassing these countermeasures
  2. Soatok’s Proposal for Solving This Problem

Coordinated Inauthentic Behavior

  1. Extract ad revenue from the platform.
  2. Celebrate having successfully pushed bullshit onto the general public, possibly influencing people’s beliefs.

The Countermeasures Being Employed

The Counter-Countermeasures

Soatok’s Proposal

  1. Creating a blacklist of size infinity, OR
  2. Missing some badness
  1. Attest that certain news-related videos are trustworthy and accurate (or affirm that they are bullshit).
  2. Invite other users to become a volunteer.
  1. Outside the initial seed users (which, for example, could be selected from college professors and graduate students at public universities), every volunteer must be invited by another user.
  2. Every attestation must be linked back to the volunteer vetter’s account for transparency and accountability.
  3. If any users are found to be abusing their vetting privilege, they will be removed. If several abusers were invited by the same user, YouTube may also remove the ability for the common parent in the nested tree of volunteers to invite future users. All of their peers should similarly be investigated.
  4. In order to move from unvetted to vetted status, several positive attestations must be provided from users whose distance from a common parent is either undefined (i.e. different seed users, so different trees entirely) or greater than 2.
  5. Any edge cases should be escalated past the volunteer vetters to the usual YouTube moderation staff.

Will anyone volunteer?

Can we incentivize users to volunteer?

What about anything that slips through the cracks?

Are University professors the best seed to select?




Soatok is a furry programmer and hacker. Blog: Website:

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Soatok Dreamseeker

Soatok Dreamseeker

Soatok is a furry programmer and hacker. Blog: Website:

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